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Are you looking to move more freely? Would you appreciate more flexibility? Whether you have discovered a new passion or are on the path to recovery, Rephlexx will be your partner in unlocking a greater range of motion. Everything we do is about helping you live better, play more, and free your flexibility.

Live Better

Rephlexx believes flexibility is the key to living a great life. Too much of the world is built around static comfort—or static discomfort in our minds. Instead, we challenge everyone to find comfort in mobility and movement. 

Play More


We all know life is more fun when we play. Whether you have found a new passion—Pickleball by chance—or are tapping back into a childhood passion, you probably have found that your body isn’t always keeping up with your spirit. In order to play more, we have to enhance our strength to compliment improvements in mobility and flexibility. With Rephlexx you can be sure we are always working to build a stronger and more agile you.

Play More


Free Your Flexibility

Many people believe flexibility only comes through great strain—as they say “no pain, no gain.” However we challenge you to try a different way, by showing your brain that you have more range of motion than it thinks. When we stop using our full range of motion, the brain quickly forgets what’s possible and quickly adapts, keeping you confined to the spaces you know. This limiting adaptation is self perpetuating until you show your brain otherwise. By putting the body at ease while exploring a deeper range of motion, we can help you unlock your body’s full potential. By freeing your flexibility, your body moves more efficiently, with less strain, and ultimately with greater comfort.

Be The First to Know

We never stop pushing and neither should you. Get connected so we can share insights to help you move better, play more, and free your flexibility.